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Coach:-                 Steve Honey (AFC B-Licence holder)

Assistant:-            Enzo Sansone


Our aim is to develop and improve the players understanding of the game and to breed a team culture which will ensure an enjoyable year for all involved.


For players of this age, the furthering of their football education is vital, and this is where we will spend most of our preparation time. We will focus on positioning, positive communication, ball retention and playing forward with the aim to finish with a goal or goal scoring opportunity. Defensively we will strive to make it difficult for teams to play against us by pressing and defending as a unit in order to regain possession as quickly as possible.


The overarching focus will be on discipline, respect, fitness and the ability to work out football problems when they arise on the pitch. Our players will be aware that it is a privilege to play for the Wollongong Wolves and will represent the club proudly.