First Grade

Mark Wilkshire

When I was first asked if I would be manager of the Wolves I must say I was somewhat hesitant, even though I had managed an Illawarra junior rep team in the 1990s for around 4 years.

Now I am a lot older and set in my ways (some may call it crankier) I was very unsure about taking it on, boy was I wrong I must say I almost feel guilty for enjoying it so much, this group of men are so respectful (don’t tell them I said that) and such a pleasure to be around (credit to all their parents).

The little bit I do for the club is nothing compared to all that the coaches and volunteers and again all a great bunch of people.

So overall I have been very lucky & privileged to have been offered the job and  quite enjoying every minute of it.      

Mark Wilkshire.png