In this Round 13 encounter the Wolves were defeated by Northbridge Bulls with a three goal to two margin. It was a five goal blitz in the first half as Peter Simonoski and Banri Kanaizumi hit the goals for the Wolves and Stephan De Robillard and A-League players Lachie Rose and Al Hassan Toure earned the honours for Northbridge Bulls. The Wolves did themselves no favours when errors compounded their disappointment. Northbridge Bulls took their opportunities with precision to run out victors and consigned the home team to another defeat in succession. The Wolves went extremely close to an equaliser as a Nick Littler header cannoned off the top of the goal frame following an effective Nav Darjani cross with eight minutes left on the clock.  However, adding to the merit of the Bulls’ win, this was their second of the season.


The match began with the home team kicking off and running towards the southern end. It was in the first minute of play that the away team showed their intent. Rose made a determined run down the middle, leaving a few players in his wake. He took the ball a long way but came to grief when tackled and dispossessed before he could enact damage. An errant pass from Takumi Tsujimura fell to Rose a minute later and he nearly made the Wolves pay, only for the custodian Hayden Durose to intervene. A first free kick to the Wolves saw Leroy Jennings take. The midfielder throughout the match was doing a great amount of running tackling, winning the ball, defending and mounting attacking forays in an impressive display.    


A Bulls counterattack instigated by Toure down the left side ultimately led to a free kick outside the penalty arc. De Robillard sent his shot in with Durose thwarting. On eight minutes after the ball went from Darcy Madden to Kuot Maliet to Jennings and finally Lachlan Scott. On receipt of the ball, Scott turned and looked for goal. His effort unfortunately traversed over. A couple of minutes, later, Northbridge chanced their arm when De Robillard flashed his shot narrowly wide. Maliet at the other end, made ground before from a wide angle shot from his position to the right of goal saw the Bulls’ ‘keeper Nick Suman touching the ball away for a corner kick, which led to the Wolves’ first strike.  


The Wolves clawed their way into the lead in the fourteenth minute following Jennings’ sublime corner kick. In the goal area, Nick Littler got his head to the ball. There was a bit of scramble in the box and the Bulls could not get the ball away. Simonoski managed to slot the ball into the Bulls’ domain from his position immediately left of the goal post.


Two opportunities fell to the Bulls as they endeavoured to hit back quickly for an equaliser. Moudi Najjar pushed the ball down the left and Toure and Jed Drew put in shots and Durose was effective in keeping his goal intact.

However, a Bulls’ conversion of a chance was in the wind.


Immediately before the first goal by the Bulls, a Wolves’ Guy Knight passed back and inadvertently had put the opposition on attack. Jed Drew obtained possession then passed the ball into the centre. The Wolves’ custodian Durose pushed it away. A little later, Al Hassan Toure scored his team’s initial goal, when he gained possession in a tussle for the ball with Jennings. Toure then took a couple of steps before burying his shot wide of the Wolves’ custodian Hayden Durose.


Rose got the better of Djordjevic but the defender’s persistence saw him returning the favour immediately. This was Djordjevic’s first start in the team since Round 4.


The third match goal emanated after Jake Drew outpaced Djordjevic, down the right. He pulled the ball into the centre after riding an attempted Djordjevic. Darcy Madden tried to spirit the ball away but he slipped and lost his footing. This allowed Rose to shoot on target. He was denied, though when the ball rebounded off central defender Littler. De Robillard got hold of the ball and directed it purposefully into the goal. The Bulls had hit the lead.


The Wolves defence seemed a little brittle as the Bulls began to take advantage. The knee of Suman was all that was needed to keep Scott from scoring as the Wolves went looking for an equaliser now that the team had lost the lead.


Durose punched away a Drew effort after he had charged through the centre. The Bulls were looking for a winner as their desire to win increased.


Madden sent Maliet down the right but his final cross was intercepted and another corner kick emanated. This led to the Wolves second goal. It was another Jennings corner kick that was instrumental. He played it from the right side.  It was a ball that curled away from goal with   Kanaizumi rising to meet the ball and projecting his strong header in the goal. Once more it was even Stevens.


The Wolves tried to post their third goal only for a Simonoski shot failed to go in.


The lead up for the Bulls’ third strike saw Drew sending the ball down the left for Toure. He made further ground and moved inwards. Inside the box, he pushed it to back to Drew, who had made a forward run.  He subsequently sent the ball towards the goal, but Durose was there to push it out. Only trouble was Rose pounced on the ball and slotted home. The Bulls had hit the lead once again. 


A Jennings effort was deflected as the half as half time approached. Extra minutes were played. However, at the break it was 2-3 with the Bulls in the box seat.


The Bulls began the second stanza when a Drew ball was dispatched into the goal area, was scooped up by Durose. Jack McLoughlin fancied his left footed goal attempt but Durose grasped to deny. A Littler right footed shot zoomed in and Suman was on song to take.  


Frustrations were coming to the surface for the Wolves as a yellow card tally amounted to six.


Durose pulled off a brilliant save to prevent Diego Bonilla celebrating and Rose attempt went wide. Jennings looked to improve things for his team, only for his chance to go wide. Substitute Jake Lavalle darted into the box to win another corner kick for his team. This time it did not bear fruit. He had another charged down. Bonilla went close. The second half was goal less and the frenetic goal scoring had ceased.


The Wolves had the lead but could not go on with it and the Bulls celebrated their second victory.


Coach Luke Wilkshire - ‘you can’t win games when you give away goals…. They (A-League players) were dangerous and we are not at a level we need to be at and can be at. We need to be better… It has been seven goals in two games (conceded). I dare say we gifted five or six of them…It all comes down to mental preparation and concentration….. They (young substitutes) were brave to want the ball, they were working and we need that from all eleven on the field. I don’t see that we are getting that at the moment… It is very disappointing. There will be changes as simple as that.  I will pick a team with heart that want to play when they cross that white line.’


Goal scorer Peter Simonoski - ‘it is one that got away from us, especially the way we started off pretty well . . . every week we are giving away silly goals and making silly errors that lead to goals.  It hurts us and comes back to bite us….   I was at the right place at the right time. I got a bit fortunate and I hit it. We have a short turnaround for the Australian cup midweek.’


Jake Lavalle - it is disappointing and frustrating… and at the end of the day we do not score enough. We have to keep positive.. I had a couple of hits.’






Peter Simonoski 14’, Banri Kanaizumi 37’




Al Hassan Toure 22’ Stephan De Robillard 27’ Lachlan Rose 45’


@ WIN Stadium, Wollongong.


SUNDAY 29th May 2022


7.00 p.m. Kick Off




Coach: Luke Wilkshire 


1.Hayden Durose (GK) 3.Darcy Madden 5.Banri Kanaizumi 69’) 9.Peter Simonoski (4.Nicholas Duarte 61’) 10.Takumu Tsujimura 15.Nick Littler 16.Guy Knight (Capt.) (19.Jake Lavalle 77’) 20.Kuot Maliet 25.Nav Darjani 77’) 24.Lachlan Scott 22.Leroy Jennings.


Substitutes not used: 13.Thomas Butkovic (RGK) 12.Harrison Taranto


Yellow Cards: Peter Simonoski 38’ Darcy Madden 50’ Leroy Jennings 59’ Guy Knight 68’ Nikola Djordjevic 79’ Nicholas Duarte 89’


Red Cards: nil




Coach - Mile Sterjovski


 1.Nick Suman 2.Jack McLoughlin 8.Brodie Clarkson (Capt.) 3.Nathan Dimou 5.Lachlan Rose 6.Moudi Najjar (9.Diego Bonilla 66’) 11.Stephan De Robillard (9.Diego Bonilla 66’) 14.Alhassan Toure (Jesse Cakovski 74’) 15.Eddie Caspers (12.Marcus Sparacino 87’) 16.Oliver Jones 17.Jed Drew


Substitutes Not Used: Levi Kaye RGK 19.Lachlan Sepping


Yellow Cards: Jack McLoughlin 40’ Jed Drew 62’


Red Card: nil



Referee: Christian Verdicchio


Assistant Referees: Matt Staples


4th Official:



By Malcolm Rowney